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This blog post will explore the ins and outs of securing a job with one of South Africa’s most popular fast-food chains, Chicken Licken. Highlighting their different career opportunities, we’ll deep dive into the job application process, offer insights on how to apply online, and even provide a handy guide to their interview questions. Understanding the minimum hiring age and frequently asked questions will also form part of this helpful career guide about working with Chicken Licken. Whether you’re looking for your first job or trying to pursue a career in the foodservice industry, this guide is for you.

Chicken Licken Jobs

Chicken Licken offers a variety of job opportunities from store crew members to managers, and even job roles at their head office. Working with Chicken Licken not only provides an opportunity to be part of a well-established foodservice company but also offers excellent career growth prospects.

The company highly values customer service, so positions often involve direct customer interaction. Typical jobs include cashiers, cooks, delivery drivers, and managers who oversee operations and staff.

To stay informed about current vacancies, you can visit the Chicken Licken website or any of the leading job search platforms in South Africa.

Chicken Licken Job Application Process
The Chicken Licken job application process is straightforward. Candidates need to fill out an online application form or visit the store in-person to fill out an application form. They may also need to submit their resume and a cover letter depending on the job role.

Once your job application is submitted, it will go under review. If eligible, you will be called in for an interview. Note that some roles may require multiple interviews.

The recruitment team thoroughly vets all applications to ensure they find the best candidates for their roles. So, make sure your application stands out by highlighting all relevant experience and skills.

How to Apply Online at Chicken Licken
Applying online for a job at Chicken Licken is convenient and efficient. Start by visiting the company’s official website and finding the ‘Careers’ page.


Once you find a job that interests you, click on the ‘Apply Now’ button. You’ll then be prompted to fill out the online form, providing necessary personal details, educational background and work experience.

Before submitting the application, make sure to double-check your information for accuracy. Additionally, remember to submit any necessary supporting documents like your CV or certifications.

Chicken Licken Job Application Form PDF
While Chicken Licken prefers online applications, they also provide a PDF application form that can be downloaded, filled out and submitted in-person at the nearest store. The form is relatively straightforward and asks for personal information, previous work experience, education, and references.

You might find it helpful to first fill out the PDF application on your computer, so you can ensure your answers are well-thought-out and mistakes can be easily corrected.

Once you complete the form, print it and take it to the nearest Chicken Licken branch in person. Be sure to also bring along any necessary documentation like your CV or academic certificates.

Chicken Licken Interview
The Chicken Licken interview process is straightforward. After submitting your application, if selected, you will be asked to come in for an interview. The interview process typically involves a one-on-one discussion with a store manager or a member of the HR team.

During the interview, you’ll be asked a series of questions to assess your suitability for the role. Some questions might relate to your previous work experience, your customer service skills, and your ability to handle tough situations.

Prepare well by practicing your answers, dressing appropriately, and arriving on time.

Chicken Licken Interview Q&A
1. Q: Tell us about your previous work experience?
A: Highlight all your relevant past experiences, especially those proving customer service and food handling skills.
2. Q: What does excellent customer service mean to you?
A: Speak about the importance of prompt, courteous and efficient service, understanding customer needs and exceeding their expectation.
3. Q: How would you handle a dissatisfied customer?
A: Mention calm communication, active listening, empathy, and immediate resolution as key strategies here.
4. Q: Why do you want to work for Chicken Licken?
A: Mention their reputation for quality food and excellent service, and your interest in contributing to the brand.
5. Q: Can you work on holidays and weekends?
A: It is important to be truthful here as work in the fast-food industry often involves working during different shifts and on public holidays.

Chicken Licken Minimum Hiring Age
The minimum hiring age at Chicken Licken is 16 years old, considering any legal regulations for work hours and permits. This varies as per each country’s labor laws.


At this age, available opportunities may include entry-level roles such as cashiers or kitchen crew, making it ideal for high school students looking for their first job.

However, for management and other senior positions, job seekers might need to be older and have adequate work experience.


Chicken Licken Frequently Asked Questions
1. Q: Do I need a resume to apply for a job at Chicken Licken?
A: Yes, for most positions, a resume is required. It helps showcase your skills and experience to the recruiting team.
2. Q: How long does it take to hear back after applying?
A: This varies but typically takes one to two weeks.
3. Q: Is prior work experience necessary?
A: For entry-level jobs, no prior experience is necessary. However, it can give you an advantage.
4. Q: Do they provide uniforms for store employees?
A: Yes, Chicken Licken provides uniforms to ensure a consistent look across all their stores.
5. Q: What is the average pay for entry-level jobs?
A: Pay varies based on position and location. It is best to discuss this during your interview.
6. Q: Is there a training program for new hires?
A: Yes, Chicken Licken provides comprehensive training for all new employees.
7. Q: Are there opportunities for career advancement within the company?
A: Yes, Chicken Licken promotes from within and often fills management positions with staff who started in entry-level roles.
8. Q: Are full-time and part-time jobs available?
A: Yes, Chicken Licken offers both full-time and part-time job opportunities.
9. Q: Should I apply online or in person?
A: Both options are available, but applying online is often quicker and more convenient.
10. Q: What is the work environment like at Chicken Licken?
A: The work environment is fast-paced, dynamic, and primarily focused on customer service. It offers great opportunities for learning and growth.

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