Apply Metro Traffic Wardens Intake Applications

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Reference Number ETH221215-1
Job Number 42001410
Job Title Authorised Officer
Job Type Permanent
Division Cbd & Beach
Department Operations
Branch Central Region

Key Responsibilities
– Controlling traffic and pedestrians at various facilities.
– Issuing traffic offence notices to motorists and the public.
– Attending vehicle accident scenes by way of reporting the nature of location and extent of the accident to the control room.
– Dealing with criminal offences and reporting serious incidents to the control room.
– Attending court in order to submit evidence.
– Performing point duties at faulty / out of order robots.
– Initiating the necessary preliminary action at any emergency / disaster.
– Attending to complaints from the public.

Essential Requirements

– Have permanent residence in the Republic of South Africa (RSA), of which he/she must give documentary proof.
– Be at least 18 years old and younger than 35 years on the date the application closes (documentary proof is required).
– Undergo a medical examination and must be found to be physically and mentally fit to be appointed in the post for which he/she applies.
– Matric or Grade 12.
– Be fluent in at least English and one other official language.
– Valid motor vehicle drivers’ license (Code B) or to obtain one within 9 months, and pass a driver’s evaluation by the Durban Metropolitan Police Service.
– Not have previous criminal convictions.
– Let his/her fingerprints be taken.
– Be prepared to have his or her background checked.

If you meet application requirements, APPLY HERE.

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