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Truworths Learnership Download Application Form Now

If you want to learn more about the retail industry and clothing line, it would be a good idea to take part in Truworths learnership 2023 and gain access to the application form.

The Truworths Learnership will provide you with both theoretical experiences as well as direct practical exposure.

When you take part in the programme, not only you can enjoy the enhanced and deep knowledge, but you can also have a direct implementation and practice on spot. It would give you valuable professional experience that you may not find elsewhere


About Truworths

The company is a clothing retailer from South Africa that is based in Cape Town. They currently have 728 stores in South Africa alone and other 49 stores in other cities in Africa. They understand the importance of direct exposure related to theories and also practice, especially in relation to finding future leaders and professional workers. Since the company wants to give back to the community, they are offering a programme that can help people sharpen their skills and improve their professional experience.

General Requirements

Here are some basic requirements that you need to have if you want to join Truworths learnership 2022/2023:

  • The candidates must the citizen of South Africa whose age doesn’t go over 35 years old – unless some programmes require qthem to be older than 35.
  • The candidates must have a clear criminal record and good credit record
  • They must have the supporting documents that prove their educational background and skills
  • They must have good professional conduct and ethical manner
  • They must be able to learn new things without taking too much time or extensive training
  • They must be computer literate – at least understanding the basic computer skills and knowledge
  • They must understand the basic English language skill – be able to understand, read, speak, and write in English
  • They must be able to work both in a group and as individual

Truworths Learnership Erecruit

First of all, keep in mind that such a programme is generally available on a yearly basis although the fields of the programmes can be different and various from year to year. You need to perform your own research and make sure to do regular checking on the Truworths Learnership Erecruit or email

Truworths Learnership Closing Date

Second, it is possible that each field programme has its own opening and closing date – this is the main reason why you need to make a regular check. Each programme is different from one another – whether it is the opening date and deadline as well as the requirements. When you choose a specific field, make sure that you really understand what it takes to be considered qualified so you have a bigger chance to pass. Prepare the regularly needed documents related to your citizenship, education, and work history (if any) – and have them in both softcopy and hardcopy versions. In the event that you are asked to submit those documents, you won’t have to be confused anymore. When you are asked to upload the documents, you already have the files ready.

Truworths Learnership Application Form Download

You can download Truworths Learnership 2023 application form download and then complete and submit it with the following documentation and be submitted via the erecruit website.

Alternatively, send your documents for attention to Tifny Lategan to HRD, 6th Floor at Truworths Head Office, PO Box 600, Cape Town, 8000.

If you want to learn more and the latest updates about Truworths career programmes (internships, learnerships, vacancies, or general career) and you can check back the updates in this article.

How to apply

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