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ShopRite is a combination of retail supermarkets with stores ShopRite regularly hires a large number of staff positions ranges from cake decorators to store managers. You can be part of this company and apply for any of the open positions by going to the career website and submitting an online ShopRite job application with the help of our guide.

ShopRite General Career Info
The process for filling out and submitting a ShopRite job application starts by visiting the company’s career platform where you will see a full list of open positions at all of its stores. The jobs listed on the website range from part-time and entry level to full-time and professional positions in store management.

The website also has listings for jobs in stores that are scheduled for grand openings. These new stores require people to fill many positions that include maintenance, customer service, cashiering, supervising, and other important roles.

The company does not provide high school or college internships in its stores. However, ShopRite is always on the lookout for talent to join the company. Many of the positions that are available require little if any previous work experience or training.

Positions in management and at the corporate level may need a college degree or equivalent work experience. You can check out the criteria for applying and working for ShopRite by reading the job descriptions provided with every online ShopRite job application. If you have those qualifications, you may apply for your preferred job.

ShopRite Job Application Guide
The online ShopRite job application process is meant to be fast and easy to complete. It does need that you dedicate around a half hour to filling out the ShopRite job application. However, if you need to take a break or fill it out later, you can create a username and password to save your work on your computer.

The application itself is easy to fill out and submit: offer basic information about yourself like your full legal name and address, phone number and email address which can be used by the store hiring manager if you get an interview.
Clearly state your educational and work experience on your ShopRite job application. Provide details about where you went to school, what diplomas or credentials you have earned, and what licenses or certifications you have that will help set you apart from your competition for the job.

Once you have filled out the ShopRite job application, you can submit it online. The online application will be sent directly to the ShopRite store at which you would like to start your career with the company.

ShopRite Job Openings
Some of the most commonly available positions for which you can apply at ShopRite include cashier, food service clerk, baker, receiver, and assistant manager. You can choose what position to submit a ShopRite job application by learning more about each opening.

ShopRite Cashier
A ShopRite cashier offers front-line customer service in a friendly and efficient manner.

Scanning products;
Bagging groceries;
Collecting proper payment and give correct change if necessary.
Should be able to read, write, and communicate effectively;
Capable of standing an entire shift;
Ability to work with and cooperate with others.
Working Hours & Salary Information
ShopRite cashiers must be available to work during normal daily store hours. They can work either on a part-time or full-time basis. They enjoy flexible scheduling. If they qualify, they may get benefits like health insurance and 401k retirement accounts. The typical salary for a ShopRite cashier is $18,000 per year or $9 an hour.

ShopRite Food Service Clerk
A ShopRite food service clerk works in the deli and cold salad department.

Prepare salads, sandwiches, chicken, and other deli dishes;
Keep the work area clean;
Lift, push, and pull up to 60 pounds.
Perform basic math;
Read, write, and communicate effectively
Operate deli equipment like mixers and meat cutters.
Working Hours & Salary Information
ShopRite food service clerks must be available to work during normal store hours. They can work either on a part-time or full-time basis. Full-time clerks may be eligible for company benefits like health insurance, retirement accounts, and paid sick and holiday leave. The average salary of a ShopRite food service clerk is $16,000 or $8 per hour.

ShopRite Baker
A ShopRite baker bakes products like cakes, pies, and breads.

Prepare products according to outlined recipes;
Keep work area neat and free from spills.
High school diploma or GED;
Good writing, reading, and speaking skills;
Ability to work within a team and cooperate with others;
Ability to push, pull, and lift up to 50 pounds.
Working Hours & Salary Information
Bakers for ShopRite typically work on a full-time basis. They work before and during normal store hours. They are entitled to benefits like health insurance, 401k retirements, and paid sick and vacation time. The average salary for a ShopRite baker is $16.43 per hour.

ShopRite Receiver
A ShopRite receiver unloads freight and works in the warehouse in back of the store.

Open and rotate products on shelves;
Unload trucks;
Lift, load, push, and pull freight weighing up to 50-60 pounds.
Stand, bend, twist, reach, push, pull, and lift freight;
Follow specific work orders as instructed by manager or supervisor;
Tolerate varying temperatures.
Working Hours & Salary Information
Receivers must be available to work before, during, and after store hours. They work on part-time to full-time bases. Full-time receivers may be eligible for health insurance, 401k retirement accounts, and paid sick and vacation time each year. The average salary for a ShopRite receiver is $30,000 per year.

ShopRite Assistant Manager
A ShopRite assistant manager helps overlook daily store operations and works alongside the general store manager. They also supervise store staff.

Provide customer service;
Abide with all company regulations and procedures;
Overlook store staff and individual departments.
College degree or equivalent work experience;
Good reading, writing, and speaking abilities;
Computer skills and proficiency with Word, Excel, Access, and other programs.
Working Hours & Salary Information
Assistant store managers must be available to work on a full-time basis before, during, and after store hours. They are receive company benefits like health insurance, paid vacation and sick time, and 401k retirement accounts. The average salary for a ShopRite assistant manager is $34,000 per year.

Additional Information
ShopRite Company Hours
Most ShopRite stores are open seven days a week.

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