How to Apply For Driving Jobs at Ram Courier and Mr D Companies

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Here will offer you latest jobs from two private Companies Which are leading on the Courier business and that makes them the most hiring private Companies in South Africa . Here will also offer you a little background of the Companies so that you know what you apply to work for. Mission and vision of the Companies is Very much important when it comes to how they treat their Workers.

When Looking For Driving Jobs On Courier Companies You must atleast Have the Following before Applying :

  • Drivers Licence 10 -14 (14 mostly for Logistics Companies).
  • Must have PDP (Public Driving Permit) so that you will be allowed to deliver goods on public roads.
  • Must be fit and Energetic.
  • Must be Not Older than 45
  • Must be an experienced driver ,this is to insure safety of you and the car you will be driving since you will have to be efficient.

About RAM Courier Company :

With 41 hubs across Southern Africa, over 1 500 vehicles and a team of over 2 800 trained personnel, RAM Hand-to-Hand Couriers is the only South African courier with the infrastructure to allow us to deliver on our central promise: we never subcontract a single delivery.

Today RAM has over 1500 active clients and takes pride in the fact that they treat us as partners in their businesses rather than suppliers of commodity services. Many of our clients invite us to co-operate with them on all matters applicable to the storage, packaging, insurance and distribution of their goods. Through close co-operation, we ensure the swift and safe transfer of goods from pick-up to destination. This collaboration of effort and ideas ensures that the alliance between our clients and ourselves grows stronger over time.

How to Apply at Ram Courier ?

For information on vacancies please contact the HR Department on 011 977 5000
We do not ask for payments before or after an interview.
Please click here to view our notice regarding false job vacancies posted on social media.

About MR D Company.

We’re cooking up something great..

We’re on a mission to change the way people eat in South Africa. This is extraordinary, this is who we are. It is in our DNA. And we need more people like you. Extraordinary minds, so that our extraordinary dream can become a reality.

Become a Driver Partner

Earn extra cash while working flexible hours. Drivers earn up to R75/hour working when and where it suits them.

How to Apply Now ?

Apply now online here online to become MR D Driver .Thanks for Sharing

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