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G4S Cash Solutions (SA), the leading provider of integrated cash management solutions, has a vacancy for a planner at Polokwane.

A successful incumbent is self-sufficient with a proven track record of maintaining company policy, adopting best practices and able to exercise judgment in the pursuit of organizational goals and an understanding of the role that security plays within of the company. A successful business unit. The incumbent must be results-oriented and live the values ​​of the organization

Role and Responsibility:
o Assist the Branch Manager by ensuring effective planning and coordination of Cash In Transit operations and ensuring and maintaining effective planning procedures within Cash In Transit.

Key performance:

Responsible and responsible for the effective planning and coordination of operations

•Orientation plan and business planning
•Prepare daily to-do lists by assigning a vehicle, driver, and crew to each of the schedules that will be run that day
•Manage and organize staff briefing and debriefing
•Manage and control overtime for the driver and crew
•Ensure that drivers, crews and guards are well dressed and have the necessary protective equipment
•Monitor and control ancillary services
•Ensure that written confirmation has been received from customers
•Confirm the price of the service with sales
•Enter the service in the occasional service book.
•Complete the “Incident Service Tip” and submit it to the Service Performance Console
• Make sure that an invoice is issued to the customer at the end of the service and enter the invoice number in the “Occasional service book”
•Investigate and track customer service requests, complaints and calls
•Visit customer premises with sales staff
•Liaise with sales, operations and management to resolve inquiries
•Ensure follow-up is confirmed with the client
•Perform console tasks as a fallback, when and when
•High-risk schedules should be defined and assigned to the best vehicles available to facilitate maximum protection, and backups organized if necessary
•Check and sign all control room event books daily and ensure all faulty services from the day before are handled on time by the wireless controller during the shift
•Manage the route plan of each vehicle and determine the most economical route
•Manage the customer code for the sales department and other associated services according to new contracts and deadlines
•Manage all customer requests related to planned schedules
•Allocate the resources necessary for the implementation of the plan according to the skills of the people
•Coordination with cash registers in banks for the next day’s customs clearance
•Schedule bulk bank cars every morning on the same day
•Plan in advance all breaks and breaks
•Send customer surveys to ask for details on specific service requirements during these times
•Enter service details in your check holiday book to ensure service performance
•Contact planners / controllers from other branches regarding services to be provided by more than one branch
•Inform the counter and the cloakroom of changes in services during the holiday period
•Establish a schedule of additional services to be performed and attach it to the “Daily vehicle schedules”

Reports and Register:

•Manage control room reports and records (daily, weekly and monthly)
•Getting the rooster off for road teams
•Management console changes
•Record all deviations from customer orders
•Management of the recording of all accidents (accidents and thefts)
•Set up a weekly schedule for all vehicles requiring maintenance or requiring COF testing

Manage scanning and tracking system E-Viper 

•Upload new clients to the E-Viper system
•Manage all customer trips on the E-Viper system, including cancellations
•Record your planned schedules on E-Viper and change them frequently every day

Staff management and supervision

•Ensure that all employees are trained in standard operating procedures and policies relevant to their role (especially planning and flow procedures)
•Supervise the whole team

Minimum requirements:

Grade 12
Driver’s license
PSIRA registration (including CIT)
Firearms competency


Knowledge of G4S standard operating procedures
Safety legislation in South Africa
G4S HR policy and procedures
G4S Ethics Policy


Computer literacy – ability to work in Excel, MS Outlook and Word
Communication (written and oral)
Strong road planning and mapping skills
Customer complaints


Market knowledge
Delivery strategy
Change management
Leading people
Delivering Performance
Working with complexity
Manage professionally
Customer thinking
Collaboration and co-operation


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